Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire you?

A. We believe that small and mid-sized companies are too often faced with a choice of overpaying for top-notch professional service or sacrificing quality and competency for budget reasons. Freeman Logan has a model that enables us to offer our premium services at affordable fees because we only work with companies that will be highly attractive to our buyers. With this approach, we have a higher win rate and more certainly about success.

Can you guarantee you will successfully sell my business?

A. There are lots of factors that go into successfully selling a business. We have a proven, repeatable process that helps us achieve successful deals. This process starts with investing significant time in understanding the client’s business model and the owner(s) goals and objectives for an exit. If we find any of the issues that typically trip up prospective sellers, we work with the owners to address those issues. Thus, we only take your business to market after we have performed a deep-dive review to make sure you are ready.

How can you help find a company to buy?

A. We believe that the best way to buy a business is not to solely rely on the luck of timing to sort through “known inventory” of businesses that are publicly available for sale. Instead, we proactively find the companies that fit your criteria with a custom outreach campaign to engage the “hidden” market. Our deal sourcing approach increases the likelihood of finding the best match for you.

How do I get started? Do you charge a fee for a consult?

A. We never charge anything until we’ve clearly understood your needs and you’ve thoroughly understood what we are committing to deliver. We never push you into an engagement until the timing is right and we are totally aligned on the path forward.