Freeman Logan 2023 Year-in-Review

2023 at Freeman Logan was anything but ordinary. We set ambitious goals, focusing on organizational growth and strategic planning. Behind the scenes, our team applied creative strategies and made bold decisions, leading to exceptional results for our clients. We forged strategic partnerships along the way, accelerating our growth and expanding our reach.

As we welcome 2024, we reflect on a year that has shaped us into a leading M&A firm. Here are our 2023 milestones and our vision for continued growth in the new year.

Growing our Team

This year, we welcomed Mark Sadler, a seasoned M&A expert with over 25 years in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications sectors, to our team. Mark’s diverse experience, from global carriers to Silicon Valley tech firms, equips us to expand into high-growth areas like Managed IT Services, enhancing our service offerings.

We also brought on board a new associate whose quick mastery of the M&A landscape has ramped up our team’s capacity to take on more projects and scale our growth. 

These strategic additions have deepened our expertise and broadened our reach in the evolving M&A market.

Executing our Strategic Vision

Throughout 2023, we held strategic planning sessions to craft and refine our roadmap for the future. Each session set a course of action for every facet of our business, from marketing and business development to technology and infrastructure. 

We started by successfully updating Freeman Logan’s mission, vision, and values, ensuring they match our firm’s ethos. With an advisor from the UVA Darden Graduate School of Business, we outlined a bold three-year growth strategy and developed comprehensive resources to guide our clients.

On the technology front, we began an exciting overhaul of our website (coming soon!) and customized our CRM to align with new outreach campaigns. We also partnered with a marketing agency to help extend our reach where we’ll have the most significant impact. Every strategic session in 2023 was a step toward executing our plan and laying a solid foundation for the future.

As a mergers and acquisitions consulting firm focused on small to mid-sized companies, we adapt our strategies and solutions to our clients’ evolving needs, effectively providing the agility necessary to navigate changing circumstances.

Delivering Client Excellence

Our dedication to client success has been the cornerstone of our operations. This year, we managed the buyer search for a €1 billion European software giant, a responsibility that speaks to our reputation and expertise. We also secured a 40% premium on the sale of a specialty consulting firm and successfully navigated the sale of a top-tier design/contractor business in the home services sector.

We revamped our customer journey, ensuring every touchpoint aligns with our firm’s values. We also crafted valuable resources like exit assessments and buyer compatibility profiles, providing our clients with innovative solutions to manage and succeed in complex transactions effectively.

Amplifying our Presence

To expand our brand and extend our reach, we partnered with marketing firm O2 Lab. They’ve been instrumental in developing our content and social media strategy and orchestrating our website’s redesign and subsequent 2024 launch. 

O2 Lab’s expertise has also been vital in elevating our presence at industry conferences and helping to position us as trusted advisors and thought leaders in the M&A space. Business Management Review included Freeman Logan on its Top 20 M&A Consulting Firms – 2023 list. This recognition highlights Freeman Logan’s unwavering commitment to excellence and our consistent delivery of top-tier advisory services. It’s a recognition that speaks volumes about our expertise, approach to client service, and innovative strategies in navigating the full spectrum of M&A activities.

Heading into 2024, we’re developing strategic partnerships to enhance our referral business and widen our market reach. These alliances allow us to tackle more complex deals and diversify our service offerings. With these targeted marketing strategies and strategic partnerships, we’re amplifying the impact we deliver to our clients.

Freeman Logan at the Channel Futures MSP 501 awards ceremony in October 2023.

Mentoring Future Leaders

Personally, I had the privilege of mentoring the next generation of business leaders, as an alumni of the UVA Darden Graduate School of Business. This experience was both humbling and invigorating, reminding me of the power of mentorship and our responsibility to shape the future of the M&A industry.

Looking Ahead

I would like to extend our deepest thanks to our team, clients, and partners for a year filled with strategic triumphs and client successes. Our firm’s vision is focused and clear as we head into the 2024 economic landscape. The groundwork we’ve laid this year expertly positions us to guide clients through their most significant transformations.

Freeman Logan wishes you a prosperous and Happy New Year!

Russell Logan
Co-Founder, Freeman Logan

At Freeman Logan, our expertise guides small to mid-sized companies through their most pivotal transformational endeavors. Whether navigating the complexities of an ownership exit, orchestrating a strategic acquisition, or steering a major organizational overhaul, our mergers & acquisitions advisory team is adept at leading the charge.

We offer a comprehensive suite of mergers and acquisitions consulting services tailored to the unique needs of middle-market companies, entrepreneurs, private equity firms, and women-owned and minority-owned businesses. Our offerings span the full spectrum of M&A activities, encompassing everything from identifying potential targets or partners and marketing to providing thorough valuation, due diligence, and negotiation support. 

We aim to ensure your journey through the M&A process is seamless, strategic, and successful, and we invite you to share your 2024 goals today.