Exit Fitness Assessment

Exit readiness is a critical aspect of building and running a successful IT managed service provider (MSP) business.

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Our unique and comprehensive Exit Fitness Assessment enables IT MSPs to assess their readiness for a potential exit or sale.

Even if there are no immediate plans to sell, owners should always be thinking about how to make their company more attractive to potential buyers. With proper planning, you can achieve a higher valuation, negotiate better terms and deal structures, and attract a wider pool of potential buyers.

An exit readiness model or “fitness assessment” helps MSP owners diagnose overall business health and develop a strategic roadmap to increase value. Our assessment provides guidance on how to improve your score and is based on best practices in the low- to mid-market MSP industry.

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Our model evaluates five key components

Financial Performance

In the IT MSP industry, financial performance is critical to demonstrating the value of the business. This includes key metrics such as recurring revenue, gross margin, EBITDA, customer lifetime value, and annual contract value.

Operational Excellence

IT MSPs must demonstrate ability to deliver high-quality services through efficient processes and strong customer satisfaction. This includes service delivery processes, employee utilization rates, and customer satisfaction ratings.

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Strategic Positioning

To attract potential buyers, IT MSPs must have a clear strategy and competitive positioning in the market. This includes factors such as target markets, service offerings, and competitive differentiation.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

IT MSPs must comply with regulatory requirements and implement strong risk management practices to ensure the protection of their clients’ data and minimize potential legal liabilities.

Organizational Structure and Leadership

IT MSPs must have a strong leadership team and organizational structure in place to ensure the business can continue to operate effectively in the absence of current ownership. This includes factors such as employee retention, succession planning, and culture.

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